Amanda M. Spalding Law Firm, P.S.C.


     Before the Divorce

  • Consider Marriage Counseling
  • Contact an Attorney
  • Obtain P.O. Box to Receive any Personal Mail

     Legal Documents
  • Obtain a copy of your marriage certificate
  • Make a copy of any prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements
  • Make a copy of licenses
  • Make copy of trust documents
  • Make copies of any will executed during marriage
  • Make copies of any other documents that you feel could be important to the process
  • Update your will.

     During the Separation

     Banks and Credit Cards
  • Make a list of all bank accounts
  • Make a list of all credit cards
  • Confirm current balance
  • Obtain copies of statements for the past year
  • Confirm login information for joint accounts
  • Open a new checking and savings account in your name
  • Put money in your new account to pay living expenses and any emergencies for a few months
  • Apply for a credit card in your own name if you do not already have one

     Bills and Finances
  • Make a list of all monthly bills that are paid by you and your spouse
  • Obtain statements for the past year
  • Confirm the current balance
  • Confirm account numbers
  • Confirm access information

     Marital Home
  • Make copies of mortgage statements for the past 6 months
  • Confirm account number
  • Obtain bank loan and mortgage information
  • Take pictures of each room and its contents in the home
  • Make copies of payment statements
  • Make a list of the assets
  • Obtain a copy of your homeowner's or Renter's insurance policy
  • Make a copy of leasing agreements
  • Make a copy of real estate tax bill
  • Make a list of monthly expenses

  • Research apartments or homes for rent.  If you have children keep in mind school districts
  • Property
  • Obtain copies of deeds
  • Confirm bank loan information
  • Take pictures of the property
  • Obtain a current market value appraisal for all real estate owned

  • Confirm loan information
  • Confirm account numbers
  • Obtain copy of titles
  • Obtain an estimate of the value of your vehicle
  • Obtain a copy of the declaration sheet for all auto insurance policies

  • Obtain school Information
  • Update school if address changes
  • Make a copy of your child's class schedule
  • Make a list of after school activities
  • Contact the school if there are any changes to address, or transportation
  • Request copies of child care expenses

  • Make a list of any debts you or your spouse have
  • Confirm amount owed
  • Confirm account numbers
  • Call any "joint" creditors and ask what actions you should take to protect your interests during divorce and to prevent any adverse consequences to your credit report

     Tax Returns
  • Gather tax return information for the past 3 years

     Income Information
  • Obtain a copy of your W-2s or 1099s for the past 3 years
  • Obtain a copy of your spouse's W-2s or 1099s for the past 3 years, if you have access
  • Obtain copies of your paystubs for the previous 6 months

     Employer Benefits
  • Make a list of employer-provided benefits
  • Obtain copy of disability insurance policy
  • Obtain a copy of life insurance

     Credit Report
  • Request a copy of your credit report.  This will show all debts and accounts

     Retirement Accounts
  • Obtain current balance for any 401k accounts or retirement accounts

     Investment Accounts
  • Obtain current balance statements for all stock, bond, and investment accounts

  • Change your passwords to all of your social media, e-mail, and online accounts

     Obtain New E-Mail Account

     Health Insurance
  • Obtain copy of health insurance policy
  • Obtain copy of health savings account
  • Make a copy of health insurance documents

     Personal Property
  • Make a list of all assets such as furniture, art, and jewelry
  • Calculate the approximate value of each item
  • Make a list of items that are important to you and would like to keep

     Power of Attorney
  • Determine whether you need to revoke any power of attorney documents that name your spouse as your agent